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Purpose of Personal Data Collection


Purpose of Personal Data Collection

For the company to collect, process or use your personal data for the purposes as follows:

  • Communication and provision of various information relating to products and services of the Company and offer of any projects in which customers may be interested
  • Preparation of marketing plan and analysis, process, development and improvement of products and services of the Company
  • Transmission of information to any third party or business alliance of the Company in relation to products and/or services of the Company


Privacy Policy

This policy shall be used for personal data protection for clients of SC ASSET Corporation Public Company Limited and its affiliated companies (the “Company“) which you provide personal data through online and offline channel such as site visit, website, mobile application, social media (“Platform”), allowing you to search for, visit, use products and services of the Company and/or its business partners such as:

  • Residential projects, i.e. condominiums, detached houses, townhouses, commercial buildings and other projects.
  • Baan RueJai Application by SC Asset.
  • News and promotions of products and services.
  • Any operation regarding products and services.

Before you use this website, please read the terms and conditions and the Privacy Policy for personal data protection. If you do not accept these terms and conditions and Privacy Policy for personal data protection in this website, we would like you to stop using this website immediately, and your continuing use of website will indicate your consent to the terms and conditions and Privacy Policy for personal data protection of the Company as follows:



“Personal Data” means personal information that enables an individual to be identified, whether directly or indirectly.

“Cookies” means information that is sent from a website to each visitor’s computer while accessing such website.



  • 2.1 The Company will collect your Personal Data that the Company received whether directly or indirectly which consists of;
    • Personal data such as name, last name, gender, age, nationality, date of birth, marital status, address, occupation, place of work, postal code, email address, telephone number, credit card, personal income, car that you are driving.
    • Data on your interests such as products and services, hobbies, social networking activities, sports, travelling, etc.
    • Data on your decision whether or not to choose products and services, such as reason of purchase or selection of residence, budget, purpose, other products that are used for comparison, comments and site visit information regarding products and services.
    • Data that specifies your location while using the website. If you enable the GPS system, you consent the Company to collect and process your location information. However, if you would like to conceal this information, you can install programs or turn off GPS on your mobile phone.
    • Information searching behavior on website where the Company will use cookies as a tool to collect data such as:
      • IP address
      • Type of web browser that is used to access
      • Web pages visited
      • Time spent on visiting
      • Websites that refers to the Company’s web site
    • Necessary information to be provided to the Company and the Company is entitled to process such personal data as stipulated by law without consent as follows:
      • Data to be provided for complying law or performance or execution of a contract or other data as stipulated by law. If you do not give your personal data, the Company may not be able to proceed with such action requested by you or as the Company informs you or other consequences pursuant to the applicable law.
      • Data that is necessary for any lawful interest such as the collection of photo from the Company’s activities and etc.
    • Other Personal Data subject to your prior consent
  • 2.2 The Company will collect your Personal Data only as necessary or for the purpose of collection and in accordance with the law. However the Company may collect and anonymise any data.In case you access to the website or advertisement which are not operated by the Company, the privacy policy on personal data will be governed by the one of that website, for which the Company shall not be held responsible.
  • 2.3 Method of Personal Data Collection
    • through the Company’s channel, e.g. electronic means, documentation, verbally, depending on circumstances etc.; or
    • through channel of the Company’s business partner / other service providers, e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, Line, etc., for the purpose of creation of your profile or agent.
  • 2.4 Children

The Company has no intention to collect any Personal Data of a child whose age is less than that stipulated by law (the “Age Limit”). If you are younger than that of the Age Limit, please do not use the service of the Company or give any Personal Data to the Company.

In the event that you are a parent of a child whose age is less than the Age Limit and is aware that your child is giving Personal Data to the Company, please contact the Company and you may request to exercise your right instead.

In the even that you are a child of age that is less than the Age Limit and need to receive services and products of the Company, you are required to have a consent of your parent in place for the provision of your Personal Data.



  • 3.1 To provide service which is requested by you, for example, in case you subscribe for information and promotion, the Company will only store and use basic information such as first name, last name, e-mail address and telephone number for any subsequent communication with you, or in case of an online booking, the Company will store and use information necessary to issue booking documents.
  • 3.2 To improve website performance, create marketing plan, analyze data usage, evaluate the performance of service, improve and develop products and services of the Company.
  • 3.3 To communicate and provide information relating to products and services of the Company and/or its Affiliates, including relating privileges or promotion of the said products or services or any future change concerning the Privacy Policy for personal data protection.
  • 3.4 To comply with contracts to which you are a party or of which the Company uses services, such as to share your location information where the Company uses the location service of a third party.
  • 3.5 To pursue any legal actions, such as to prevent or cease any loss of life or damage to body or health of a person, for educational study or statistics in order to provide an appropriate measure to protect your rights and freedom.
  • 3.6 To serve any other purposes which have been notified at the time of collection of your Personal Data or any other purposes in relation to any of the above purposes.
  • 3.7 The Company will not use or disclose your Personal Data UNLESS it is necessary for the purposes set out above or disclosed to any person in the Company or the parties involved in the contract, as required by law, governmental authority, supervision organization or with your consent.



  • 4.1 The Company, business partners of the Company or any employee of relevant companies.
  • 4.2 Agents of the Company who has been authorized to offer and sell the Company’s products and services, including agent or person hired by such person.
  • 4.3 Other persons, including agent or person hired by such person who is arranging in connection with the Company’s products and services, the conduct of the marketing activities, the offer of the Company’s information, the development of the Company’s products and services, e.g. payment method, documentation system, technology, delivery of documents, research, etc.
  • 4.4 Any governmental authority or supervision organization or any person to which the Company is required to disclose such data whether by laws, regulations or order in relation to the Company or pursuant to the Company’s agreement with any governmental authority or any other person.



  • 5.1 The Company uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL), which is a standard security for securing data transmitted over the Internet, including data encryption and firewall. Secured Socket Layer (SSL) is a technology accessing encrypted data to prevent sniffers while the information is being transmitted over the Internet. The data encryption makes sniffers unable to understand the meaning of the information. This technology is also used for confirming the existence of the website.The Company will regularly update and test its technology to ensure that your Personal Data is safe, secured, and trustworthy. The Company reserves the right to make changes to its security tools if the Company sees that the tool is of a higher standard and can secure data more efficiently.
  • 5.2 In case the Company made a deal with any third parties in order to develop and maintain the system and the allocation of resources or services on behalf of the Company, The personnel of such third parties who provide service to or act on behalf of the Company must agree to keep your Personal Data.



  • 6.1 The person who owns the Personal Data is entitled to access and make copy of the relevant Personal Data provided to the Company and which is under control of the Company or request for disclosure of the Personal Data to which you do not consent, UNLESS it is to protect the owner of the data or the rights of the other person, is contrary to or inconsistent with the provisions of the law or court order or other cases as required by law.
  • 6.2 You may cancel the use of your Personal Data or the disclosure of your Personal Data to which you have consented.After the cancellation, the Company may not be able to serve you at its full capacity or as stated by the Company. However, the Company may collect data for inspection of services provided to you or to proceed with any legal actions, provided that the Company will not use your Personal Data for any other purposes.
  • 6.3 If the Company does not maintain the Personal Data as required by law, you may request the Company to destroy, remove, suspend the use of or anonymize your Personal Data.
  • 6.4 Any other rights under the laws, e.g. the right to amend personal data, the right to cancel the use of personal data, the right to object any process of personal data, for whatsoever reason.
  • 6.5 You may exercise any right as mentioned above through Call Center at 1749, in which case the Company will consider and inform you of a result of your complaint within 30 days from the date on which the Company receives your complaint.



In the event that the Company has send any information relation to its marketing activities and promotional activities, including those concerning products, services or any interesting activities and if you have agreed to receive such information but would like to cancel such receipt, you may proceed by Call Center at 1749.



Any of the following actions shall not be deemed an offense to the Privacy Policy:

  • 8.1 An action towards the Personal Data that has been disclosed to the public at the time you disclose this information to the Company or that is publicly disclosed which is not the fault of the Company or its Affiliates.
  • 8.2 Disclosure of the Personal Data with your written consent or permission by any other means.
  • 8.3  Disclosure of information as necessary by laws, orders, rules, regulations, court orders, or governmental agency, or other necessities.



The Company will retain your Personal Data only for such period of time as necessary to fulfill the purposes outlined in this Privacy Policy.



  • 10.1 Company may change or update details of Privacy Policy for personal data protection in part or in its entirety. If there is a change, the Company will update its Privacy Policy for personal data protection on the website.
  • 10.2 Users may express his or her opinion on the Privacy Policy for personal data protection at “Contact Us”. However, users agree that the Company’s discretion is absolute.


Personal Data Protection Act terms & conditions

Please check the box to proceed.






本政策适用于您访问的SC ASSET Corporation Public Company Limited及其附属公司(以下简称“本公司”) 的网站、移动应用程序、社交媒体(“平台”)等来自在线和离线通道的客户的个人数据保护,并允许您搜索、访问、使用本公司和/或其商业伙伴的产品和服务,例如:


SC Asset旗下的 Baan RueJai程序的应用














  • IP地址
  • 用于访问的web浏览器类型
  • 访问的网页
  • 访问的时间
  • 和公司网站相关的其他网站







2.3个人数据的收集方式通过公司的渠道,例如 电子的方式,书面文件,视情况而定;

或者通过公司商业合作伙伴/其他服务提供商的渠道,例如 Facebook,Instagram,Twitter,Tiktok,Line等,用于创建个人或代理商资料。






  • 3.1为提供您要求的服务,例如,如果您订阅资讯和促销服务,本公司将仅存储和使用基本资讯,如名字、姓氏、电子邮件和电话号码,以便与您进行任何后续沟通或线上预订,公司将仅存储和使用发布预订文件所需的资料。
  • 3.2提高网站性能,制定营销计划,分析数据使用情况,评估服务绩效,改进和开发公司的产品和服务。
  • 3.3传送和提供与本公司和/或其附属公司的产品和服务有关的资讯,包括与上述产品或服务的特权或促销有关的资讯,或有关个人数据保护隐私政策的任何在将来的变更。
  • 3.4遵守您作为当事方或公司使用服务的契约,例如在公司使用第三方的位置服务时共享您的位置信息。
  • 3.5用以采取任何法律行动,例如预防或停止任何生命损失或对人的身体或健康的损害,或用于进行教育研究或统计,以提供适当的措施来保护您的权利和自由。
  • 3.6. 用于服务在收集您的个人数据时已通知的任何目的,或与上述任何目相关的任何其他目的。
  • 3.7除出于上述目的需要,公司不会使用或披露您的个人资料,或根据法律、政府当局、监管机构的要求或经您同意向公司或契约当事人披露。




4.3其他人员,包括与公司产品和服务、营销活动的开展、公司资讯的提供、公司产品和服务的开发(如 付款方式,文件系统,技术,文件交付,研究等)的代理商或其雇员。



  • 5.1本公司使用安全通讯端层(SSL),这是一种标准的安全措施,用于保护通过互联网传输的数据,包括信息加密和防火墙。安全通讯端层(SSL)是一种访问加密数据的科技,以防止在互联网上传输资讯时出现嗅探器。资料加密使得嗅探器无法理解资讯的含义。这项科技也用于验证网站的存在与否。
  • 5.2如本公司与任何第三方达成协议,以开发和维护系统并代表公司分配资源或服务,则向公司提供服务或代表公司执行的第三方人员必须同意保留您的个人数据。


  • 6.1拥有个人数据的人员有权访问并复制提供给公司相关个人数据,或者在公司的监控下有权要求您披露未经您同意的个人数据,而这也是为了保护数据的所有者或其他人的权利,与此同时要符合法律,法院规定或法律要求的其他条款的规定。
  • 6.2您可以取消已同意的个人数据的使用或披露。
  • 6.3如公司未按照法律要求保存个人数据,则您可以要求公司销毁,删除,暂停使用或匿名化您的个人数据。
  • 6.4法律规定的任何其他权利,例如出于任何原因,修改个人数据的权利,取消使用个人数据的权利,反对任何处理个人数据的权利。
  • 6.5您可以拨打呼叫中心号码1749来行使上述任何权利,在此情况下,本公司将从收到投诉之日起30天内考虑并通知您投诉结果。





  • 8.1在您向公司披露此信息时已向公众披露的个人信息的行为,这并非本公司或其附属公司的过错。
  • 8.2在您书面同意或通过任何其他方式允许的情况下披露的个人资料。
  • 8.3法律,命令,规则,法规,法院命令或政府机构或其他必要条件下要求的信息披露。




  • 10.1公司可部分或全部更改或更新个人数据保护隐私政策的细节。如有更改,公司会在网站上更新对个人资料保护的私隐政策。
  • 10.2用户可在“Contact Us”(“联系我们”)上表达其对个人数据保护隐私政策的意见。不过,用户也要同意公司的自由裁量权是绝对的。
  • 这个字段是用于验证目的,应该保持不变。

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