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SC Asset responds to high interest in horizontal developments in Q2/2020

Mr. Attapol Sariddipuntawat, Chief Finance Officer, SC Asset Corporation Plc. (SC), the leader in Living Solutions Provider, said SC has been successful in turning the marketing strategy for horizontal development to online with good response. In Q2/2020 additional four projects worth a total of 5,000 million baht were launched with units costing 5 to 50 million baht while sales were soon to be closed at six projects.

The two projects to launch pre-sale on 16th-17th May were:

  1. Bangkok Boulevard Vibhavadee – Luxurious 2-story single detached houses located on 10-2-7.5 rai of land, worth 730 million baht, with 37 units, with prices from 13.99 to 26 million baht. The mid-city location is on Vibhavadee Rangsit Road, only 3.7 kilometres to Srirat Expressway, with several convenient accesses, namely, Ngarmwongwan Road, Prachachuen Road and Vibhavadee Rangsit Road, and only 4.3 kilometres to Donmueang International Airport on Donmueang Tollway.
  2. Bangkok Boulevard Rama 5 – Luxurious 2-story houses in three designs, located on 44 rai of land, worth 2,100 million baht, with 189 units, with prices from 8.99 to 15 million baht. The high potential location is near Srirat Expressway with three accesses to Nakhon In Road, Kanchanapisek Road and Ratchaphruek Road. Nearby amenities include The Walk, The Chrystal, Rama 5 Market, Banggruay 2 Hospital, Thonburi Hospital, and schools such as Denla Kindergarten and Dhepsirin Nonthaburi.

And two new project set to open on 23rd-24th May were:

  1. The Gentry Vibhavadee – New-design luxurious villas perfect for large families with 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, parking for 4 cars as well as a private swimming pool and interior lift. Full 24-hour security is assured in an exclusive community with only 10 units. Prices are from 27 to 50 million baht, located on 4-2-19 rai, worth 400 million baht. The location is close to expressway, electric commuter train and myriad amenities, such as Central Plaza Ladprao, Vibhavadee Hospital and Kasetsart University.
  2. Venue Flow Chaengwattana – Three designs for 2-story single detached houses, located on 68-1-59 rai of land, worth 1,710 million baht, with 254 units, with prices from 5 to 10 million baht. The convenient location is near Srirat Expressway, Uttrapimuk Expressway and three electric commuter train lines, namely, Purple Line at Bangrak-Tha-it Station, Pink Line at Pakkred Junction Station and Red Line at Laksi Station.

In addition, the Company also launched the “SCC Super Free” – from instalment payment to no instalment – when placing reservation from today until 31st May 2020 and deed transfer within 30th June 2020. For additional information, please call 1749 or register for the project you are interested in at

Mr. Attapol reported that SC’s Q1/2020 performance showed a revenue of 3,313 million baht, a YoY growth of 4 percent, most of which was derived from the sale of real estate developments totalling 93 percent – 1,829 million baht from sales at horizontal developments and 1,243 million baht from sales of condominiums. An additional 7 percent was from rentals and services. The net profit was 301 million baht from sales of 1,982 million baht. As of 31st March 2020, the Company and subsidiaries had asset and debt totalling 47,035 million baht and 29,142 million baht, respectively. Meanwhile, sales are continuing at 52 projects worth a total of 41,600 million baht, divided into 44 horizontal projects and eight condominium projects. The Company has set 15th May 2020 for dividend payment to shareholders according to the resolution at the 3/2020 Board of Directors meeting approving the interim dividend payment.

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Other Latest News

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